Distill it, then drink it

S5388-lgBootlegging and moonshine have created a rich and interesting history for the United States. With the idea becoming more mainstream and the recent gold rush, eerr, moon rush has created a lot of new prominent popular “shiners” into backwoods legends, TV stars, and to popular cult like levels.

Nevada recently pass Senate Bill 153 paving the way for many new industries and soon to follow business trail blazers. The recent craze has created a demand for legal moonshine and boutique distilling operations sprouting up in Nevada along with the rest of America.

America celebrated the 90th anniversary of Prohibition ending in 1933 has been a revitalizing force in bringing to light, not to mention the legal conversion, the true deep rooted history and culture that has quietly kept moonshiners way of life and existence from becoming extinct.


In 1932, Franklin D. Roosevelt defeated the incumbent President Herbert Hoover, who once called Prohibition “the great social and economic experiment, noble in motive and far reaching in purpose.”



Lights! Camera! Reno!

Reno Arch DSC_8714January 1st is right around the corner, are you ready to take advantage of the 15% (20 Million dollars a year for four years) tax transfer credit for film, production companies and producers? Nevada’s business environment is shifting towards new logistical trends making Nevada the best choice for many new industries and businesses looking to relocate or expand. Big corporations are moving, incorporating, and buying a stake in the future of Nevada. In the last year alone, big tech has been making a presence and buying property in the downtown Reno area.

Although a real vision for Reno and the surrounding area is lacking, there have been many proposals, projects and new partnership announcements for the downtown core. The announcements follow recent hype for partnerships with the University of Reno Nevada and range from new retail, office, corporate, non gaming hotels and boutique offerings east of Downtown and South of the University.

Whether you’re looking for residential housing for one executive producer to relocating your entire production studio and personnel, Tomana Realty can help you find everything you will need to transition to the Silver State, Nevada. Residential, Income, Commercial, Industrial, Land, Mix Use, Farm, Rural, Condo and Executive accommodations.


Source: SB165

City of Reno Permits

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