Reno #10, top turnaround town!

Turnaround story #10

WP_20141117_16_30_28_ProCNBC highlighted turnaround towns and Reno made the list! This is another great sign of the economy starting to find a pace of recovery along with giving local and national businesses a reason to take a second look at Reno Nevada. Reno has been getting a lot of national attention recently ranging from the growth in the arts, bars, restaurants, events, districts and our amazing University. Reno is finally getting attention for producing Olympians and world class extreme sport athletes. Many California’s are looking to Reno and Lake Tahoe for a first and second home thanks to our great weather and geographical location to many outdoor destinations.

Summer is now transitioning into a more than likely warm weather fall, leaving plenty of time to take advantage of all of the great outdoor adventures Reno provides a gateway for. If you need any Real Estate assistance in the State of Nevada, please feel free to contact Tomana Realty today!


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